Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veterans Day

Yesterday was Veterans Day in the U.S.  REGI is known for our work with Bald Eagles and native birds; however less known is our informal work with veterans, and the Wounded Warriors project. Veterans, those from our own family as well as those we will never meet, are near and dear to our heart here at Raptor Education Group Inc.
A request is usual as simple as allowing a veteran, nearing the end of his life, or trying to regain stability following active duty, to spend some time watching the birds. The birds appear to have a healing quality to veterans. The memory of the late, Bob Mingus, a special Vietnam vet that served in the 101st Airborne Division, "Screaming Eagles”, always comes to mind when I think of the great spirit that embodies veterans we see. The 101st pin he gifted me with means so much!
The photo here is from an ad in our local paper. Yesterday was the day designated to remember veterans. We want to thank those that have given their service in the past, those that are currently serving and their families on this day and every day.

As well as our amazing human soldiers, past and present, who have served this country, there have been several animal soldiers as well that deserve recognition. Few people know that homing pigeons were used in wars and saved many. The next time you see a pigeon and find it annoying...it could well have a relative that was a veteran! They are miracle in feathers... with a gentle coo!:)

Homing Pigeons were especially important before the advent of radio, they were entrusted with important notes that had to be delivered regardless of the battles that waged below it.  These pigeons often had to dodge enemy fire, as troops realized that the release of a pigeon meant that a message was being sent, possibly carrying beneficial secrets.  In fact, during the 19th-century Franco-Prussian War, German troops trained hawks to hunt the message carrying pigeons.  

Some well-known pigeons include "The Mocker", who flew 52 missions before he was wounded and "Cher Ami", who was shot and wounded in the last week of World War I.  She lost a foot and an eye, but she managed to deliver the message and save a group of surrounded American soldiers.

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Happy Veterans Day!

Friday, November 1, 2013

We just wanted to leave all of you with three of our most popular videos from the last few months! Enjoy!
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