Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Spring! Trumpeter Swan 86C has a mate!

It is a beautiful day in Northern Wisconsin. Gosh it seems like eons since I was able to say that at least in reference to the sky being clear and blue and the weather being over freezing.

Most of our staff spend last week at a national conference for wildlife rehabilitators in the Chicago area. Lunchtime discussion was interesting with lots of news ideas brought back from the conference. Continuing education is so important to all fields including wildlife rehabilitation and education. I always say when you feel you know it all is the day you should retire from this job. As in all areas of medicine, new treatments and medications are developed and we need to stay current so we can provide the best in care for our patients.

We had some wonderful news last night! Trumpeter Swan 86C was seen and photographed on the St Croix River by Barry Wallace.

86C was hatched in 2004 near Rice Lake, WI. A female, she is breeding age. She has a new mate in tow this year. It will be great to watch her and what comes of the union. Her mate is an uncollared swan. He is likely from Wisconsin but she could have met him on migration in Illinois, Missouri or Arkansas. She came in with a broken wing in the fall of 2007 and was released on the St Croix last spring.

It is a happily busy time at REGI this week. We have several releases coming up as we take advantage of the warm weather. More on that soon.

Best to all,

Marge Gibson

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