Friday, May 1, 2009

David Tower Memorial

Every once in awhile someone enters your life and you are changed forever more. David Tower was such a person to me. David recently passed away. We will miss him but feel blessed to have had him in our life. His smile and gentle nature are forever in our hearts.
David and Lillian Tower have been a big part of the REGI family for many years. When REGI was just beginning I noticed someone out side the eagle enclosure one evening. I went out thinking it was yet another person bringing us a sick or injured bird. Instead there were two people holding an envelope and smiling. David explained he had just retired from the Post Office and wanted to give us a donation for our work with wildlife. That gift would be the first donation REGI ever received. David and Lillian Tower were the first people to believe in us way back when.

I was humbled by David, his generous nature and honest approach to life. Though the years he and Lillian remained active volunteers. As often as possible they were part of bird releases here at REGI. It was the one thing that we could give them back for their time and faith in us. David had health problems and had to travel with oxygen tank. Still they came and he was even able to release birds tethered to that tank.

Last summer Lillian came to tend our flowers and brought the grave news that David was entering hospice for his illness. Lillian brought him one more time to meet some of our patients and see our young cranes as they grew. He smiled and although he was weak I know he enjoyed the visit. I took that moment to tell him how much he and Lillian have meant to us over the years. When someone believes in your dreams with you they become a part of you and that dream. He reached into his pocket book and gave me $40.00 for the birds. I protested but he insisted. I looked up at Lillian for guidance and all she said was, “That’s my husband.” So it was.

David passed away this spring. I wanted to do a memorial for him in the form of the release of a red tailed hawk. Time has gone by and finally we had the perfect hawk and it was the perfect day.

Lillian was at REGI today with the Master Gardening Club and a 4-H Club group doing a cooperative planting project at REGI. The day was perfect with a clear blue sky as I handed Lillian a beautiful adult male red tail to release in David’s memory. The bird flew well and strong. I meant it when I said the David is with us everyday and will remain a part of us forever. David continues to bring joy and happiness even in his memory. I cannot think a better way to go on in spirit.

David Tower made a difference in the lives of many. We are honored he chose to be a part of ours.

Marge Gibson

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