Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Corvette Club of the North Tour

( Photo: Members of the Corvette Club of the North toured the REGI facility on Sunday.)

Where can you see seventeen snazzy Corvettes at one time? If you had happened by the REGI facility on Sunday afternoon that is exactly what you would have seen.

The sight must have made our hybrid vehicles a bit nervous. I noticed our Toyota Prius was tucked in the middle of the Corvettes in the photo above. Kind of cute we thought. I am pretty sure it had a case of "sports car envy". The Prius is usually the talked about one on the property.

The day began with light rain which evolved into a downpour. The interns waited until the last minute to take the education birds out for the tour so they would not look like bunches of wet feathers. Then staff inspected their own shirts to judge if they would be dry enough to look professional for the tour. We vacillated if we should call off the tour due to weather, but knew the club was traveling some distance to visit us. Then, just as the Corvettes and their drivers arrived, the clouds moved away and the sun came out of hiding. What timing!

It was fun to share our educational birds with the club members. It was also fun for our staff and interns to see so many gorgeous cars circling the driveway.

( Photo: Learning fascinating facts about and sharing owl stories was the first stop on the program.)

( Photo below: Members of the Corvette Club enjoy seeing our Bald Eagle, Isabeau up close and personal.)

Then, as quickly as they came, the Corvettes were gone. The long caravan inched along our gravel driveway. In hindsight, that gravel driveway must have made the drivers more than a little nervous.

A great time was had by all.

Our thanks to Dale Cahak for coordinating the trip to REGI. It brought back memories of long ago when we were cool, or at least thought we were.:) It was a day we will remember for a long time.

( Photo: Caravan of Corvettes leaving the REGI facility.)

Best to all,

Marge Gibson 2009

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