Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enjoy Some Photos

We made it past our first day post intern season. It has not been an easy day as birds continue to come in as did phone calls from the public asking advice or help with wildlife situations. My day was spend catching up on paperwork long postponed when the rush of summer hit.

I will share our evening adventure in tomorrows blog. Lance, now a REGI part time employee, and I spent the early evening chasing down yet another Bald Eagle suffering from lead poisoning. I will be busy with the eagle tonight pulling out all the stops to help her live long enough for the lead chelating agent to start bringing down her lead levels. She is very ill and not even standing at this point. It will be a long night. I wish with every part of me that people that claim lead is so great, would share some time in the clinic with me.

But as for tonight please enjoy a few photos from recent days of Lance, Aprill, Natasha and Elizabeth hard at work.

( Photo: Natasha holds a Red-tailed Hawk after his physical with the "help" of Alberta, Aprill and Elizabeth.)

( Photo: Lance and Natasha capturing moths for our insect eating birds to eat. Who knew moth catching was part of a wildlife internship. )

( Photo: Lance encouraging a young Mourning Dove to eat.)

( Photo: Natasha and Elizabeth tube feed a new Red-tailed Hawk patient. The hawk had been hit by a car and needed liquid food to survive.)

( Photo: Elizabeth, Hunter, Lance, Aprill and Natasha wearing their McDonald's bibs and having some fun with lunch.)

( Photo: Natasha holds an adult Bald Eagle at the Antigo Veterinary Clinic as we wait the results of the x-rays.)

( Photo: Elizabeth does a "Disney Princess" impression while feeding a young Eastern Bluebird . They were both inside one of our screen porches. This is the place young passerines begin to stretch their new wings and step three in their development transition to the larger aviary.)

Marge Gibson 2009

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