Friday, September 11, 2009

Post Lake Bald Eagle Update, Peregrine Update

If I didn't think people read our blog before I know know that they do. We have had such interest in the lead poisoned Bald Eagle from Post Lake as well as the young Peregrine Falcon from Columbia Generating Plant near Pardeeville. Thank you to everyone for your emails on them and your interest.

( Photo: Taken today, this photo shows the Post Lake Bald Eagle is sitting on a perch in a critical care enclosure rather than a more confined box! She is making progress. )

( Photo: Alberta holds the Post Lake Bald Eagle ab out noon today. She is a huge bird as you can see as she makes Alberta look like a tot. This is just before I gave her CA EDTA shot for round three of the chemical to chelate the lead from her blood. Notice she is not happy with the situation. )

The Post Lake Bald Eagle is making real progress this week. We delayed her third round of CA EDTA in hopes that her lead level would stay down to an acceptable level. That didn't happen, but she is so much better.

I hate to start celebrating too soon because so much can happen with lead poisoning cases, but lets say I am feeling optimistic for the first time.

The photo of her when she first came in below shows her capture when she was so weak and sick she was unable to walk let alone fly. I remember that first night I didn't think she would make it through the night. When she did I was surprised but the next night was even worse in terms of her convulsing and being near death. No one was more shocked than I that she has made the progress she has. We do our very best for the birds here as we have with her, but still she was so very critical.

( Photo: The day she came into care. Very sick and near death.)

( Photo: Post Lake Bald Eagle during her capture on August 22)

Thanks again to everyone that is following her story.

The young Peregrine Falcon is also making progress. I do not have a photo to publish but he is sitting on a perch now rather and is on his way to what we hope is a full recovery. He did have some problems with his right eye a few days after he came in, but that has cleared up. He is still not excited to eat on his own, but it getting the idea that if he does not we force feed him and that is not his favorite activity.

More soon.
Best to all,
Marge Gibson ©2009

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