Friday, January 22, 2010

The REGI Education Department Has Some Changes

Change in personnel is hard for us at REGI. The thing is, we are all very close and function almost as a family rather than just work friends. That is in part because of the work we do. With our patients we are in constant state of emotional ups and downs. We bond in a different way than most workplaces. Our Director of Education, Nicole Swanson, has been a bright light for us for the past few years. She is relocating, however, and was offered a wonderful position at UWSP! As much as we will miss her, we are thrilled for her opportunity for the future.

(Photo: Nicole surrounded by REGI staff at her Going-away Party.)

( Photo: Steve Fisher is our Education Director.)

We are increasingly busy with education programs. Nicole's departure made us realize we needed to make a few more changes in the department.

Steve Fisher has been with us for almost six years now as an educator and many more years before that as a volunteer, transporter, eagle rescuer, etc. It was time to make him Education Director. Those of you who know Steve will be as happy as we are that he accepted the new position and added responsibility.

( Molly McKay was hired as our Environmental Education Coordinator.)

Molly McKay came to us from UWSP. She will be the Environmental Education Coordinator and has started the position with enthusiasm. We welcome Molly to our REGI family.

( Photo: Nicole's last ::(( pizza party at REGI.)

We wish Nicole the best for her future. We will be keeping track of her:). I know someday we will be saying "We knew Nicole when..." We are thrilled for this opportunity for her, but we will miss her too. We welcome Molly to our REGi family and look forward to our future with her as well. AND... we are so happy Steve is staying on FOREVER.

Marge Gibson 2010

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