Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Continues at REGI

Yeti, one of REGI's two Snowy Owls, enjoys his winter element.
(Photo by Steve Fisher)

The snow is deep, the temperatures cool, but activity at REGI continues. Marge is busy finishing end-of-year reports, Molly and Karissa are attending a weekend environmental conference at Treehaven, and the staff has recently been busy weighing birds, which we do regularly as part of their constant care. Besides the ongoing responsibilities of cleaning and feeding and rehabiliation, we always make time to work consistently with the education birds, permanent REGI residents who act as avian ambassadors and partners helping us teach others about their species and issues related to them.

The education department has been presenting programs throughout the winter, many of which are school-related. In early March, REGI educators will be at Klondike Days, a two-day winter festival held in Eagle River, WI. Winter may make everything seem quiet and dormant, but there is still lots going on at REGI as we greet a chilly, snow-covered February. Yet, as cold as it is now, the birds may know something we don't (which is often the case!); there have been reports in the area of Black-capped Chickadees starting to sing their spring song! Thanks again to all who have donated money, time, food, and materials to REGI. We really appreciate it.

Steve Fisher
REGI Director of Education


  1. Yes,I heard a male cardinal singing on Friday it always makes me think of spring. Yeti is so beautiful.

  2. Is that a cheeseburger song by Chickadees? Mine did not start it yet...Can't wait till spring...