Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Interns

Our summer interns have been here since May 25th, and they are doing great! They have already had some amazing experiences that bring back great memories of my days as an intern here at REGI. By the end of the summer, they will have learned more than they ever thought possible! We are very happy they are with us, and I would like to introduce you to them now!

Photo above: Meet Katherine Tesch, a student at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, majoring in Wildlife Education and minoring in Captive Wildlife. Here she is pictured holding a Bald Eagle that she and the other interns helped rescue on one of their first days with us. (Photo credit: Marge Gibson)

Photo above: Meet Libby Pearson, a student at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, majoring in Wildlife Research and Management with a minor in Captive Wildlife. Here she is pictured holding Malcolm, our education Barred Owl, in preparation for a public tour.

Photo above: Meet Kyle Lannon, a student at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point with a major in Wildlife Ecology: Information and Education and a minor in Captive wildlife, and a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Here is is pictured speaking to some of our public tour attendees about raptors with help from Red-tailed Hawk, Diana.

As you saw in Katherine's photo, Marge and the interns were called to rescue a Bald Eagle after just a day and a half of being here at REGI. They have also already experienced the joy of releasing some of our rehabilitated patients. They dove into the crazy and fulfilling lives of being REGI interns and hit the ground running! Here of a few of photos from some of their experiences.

Photo above: Libby, Marge, and Kyle arrive to rescue a badly injured Bald Eagle.

Photo above: Libby, Kyle, and Katherine have the Bald Eagle safely wrapped up and ready for transportation back to the REGI clinic. (Photo credit: Marge Gibson)

Photo above: Libby, Kyle, and Katherine prepare to release a Saw-whet Owl. (Photo credit: Marge Gibson)

Photo above: The interns, rehabilitation staff, and a volunteer watch as another Bald Eagle is released back to freedom.

Photo above: Katherine, Libby, and Kyle welcome another new baby Bald Eagle to the REGI nest. (Photo credit: Marge Gibson)

I'd like to take a moment to recognize the rehabilitation team. They are the people who provide care for our patient and resident birds every single day of the year, holidays and all. We are very fortunate here at REGI to have such a great staff, and that is why our patients receive some of the finest care in the world.

Photo above: The rehabilitation team stands around the new baby Bald Eagle. From left to right we have Katie Farvour, Libby Pearson, Katherine Tesch, Alberta Halfmann, Kyle Lannon, and Robert Prinsen.

We still have many more weeks of summer and so much more for our interns to experience. As always, we will do our best to keep you updated, but with our huge number of patients in the clinic, and a full calendar of programs and tours for the education department, is is tough to find a spare moment.

If you'd like to help us out and you have a couple free hands, give us a call! [(715) 623-2563] We are always in need of volunteers!

Thanks everyone!

Karissa Mohr

Wildlife Educator

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