Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Came Early to REGI!

We had a wonderful surprise this weekend from our friends at Wild Birds Unlimited in Wausau; a surprise that would make Santa Clause himself blush!

Lori Schubring owns the nature shop, Wild Birds Unlimited, and has been a long-time supporter and close friend of REGI. She knows just how difficult is it for us to continue caring for the hundreds of birds we see every year while surviving strictly on donations. She collects donations for us at her store throughout the year, but she decided to do something extra special for us this Christmas.
She and her wonderful and generous customers collected many items from our wish list, secretly filling an entire chest freezer and then some. She and her husband Rocky surprised us with an entire truck-load of donations this past Sunday morning.

Photo above: Marge and Don Gibson were shocked to see an entire truck-load of donations, including much needed supplies such as a chest freezer, kitchen knives, laundry and dish soap, bird feed, rugs, dog food, office paper, a Garmin GPS, and baby food just to name a few. (Left to right: Marge Gibson, Lori Schubring, and Don Gibson)

Photo above: Near the end of unloading the truck, they find more wonderful things like a power washer, power drill, and kitchen scale! (Left to right: Avian rehabilitator, Katie Farvour; Lori Schubring; and Marge Gibson)

Photo above: Even Suzie, one of Marge and Don's chickens, had to get in on the excitement! (Photo credit: photos by Katie Farvour)

Thank you!

A giant THANK YOU to Lori and Rocky Schubring, and all of the folks who brought donations now and throughout the year. We cannot thank you enough! With your generosity, you have helped hundreds of birds have a second chance at life!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Karissa Mohr
Wildlife Educator

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