Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eagle Releases Nov.3, 2012 Sauk Praire, WI

Just a note to let our friends and eagle affectionados that we will be releasing 4 Bald Eagles on Saturday Nov.3, 2012 at VFW Memorial Park in Sauk Praire, WI. The Park is right on the WI River in Sauk Praire.  The release time will be about noon.  Photos are welcomed.

One of the eagles will be an adult that recovered from the highest level of lead we have ever seen.  She is an older bird and is amazing from a number of perspectives.  Three of the eagles will be immatures between the ages of 2-4.  All have incredible stories . Two were hit by a cars and recovered from broken wings. One was a lead poisoning case with an wonderful story or rescue and survival by an Iowa family while in northern WI.  More on the birds soon.  Enjoy the photos below from recent eagle releases, 
Bald Eagle release Sept 2012.

Bald Eagle Release on Oct 6, 2012
 Hope to see you there.
Marge Gibson

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