Monday, April 27, 2009

UWSP Events!

Over the years REGI has formed a strong friendship with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point because of their strong natural resources and captive wildlife programs. Every summer REGI accepts interns and often many if not all of them are current Point students. As a former Pointer, it is always exciting for me to travel to campus events. In the last month REGI has joined UWSP for their Open House and just recently for Eco Fair in celebration of Earth Day. At these events REGI is able to reach out to the public and students in a fun educational setting.

After a stormy morning the clouds cleared out and temperatures soared into the 80’s for Eco Fair! This year REGI was really promoting the Get the Lead Out campaign. We offered a free lead sinker exchange program. If you brought us your lead sinkers we would give you lead free sinkers in exchange! We spoke to many students about the problems birds face when they swallow lead linkers or ammunition. We brought photographs of actual x-rays taken of swans and eagles emitted to REGI for lead poisoning. The only way to solve this problem in the future is through educating the public on lead free alternatives such as tin, bismuth, steel, tungsten or ceramic. People are always surprised by the number of alternatives.

Are you interested in learning about more alternatives to lead for your tackle box? Follow this link

Of course we were also on campus trying to win a few votes for the Office Technology Makeover! Thank you to the Wildlife Society, Fisheries Society, Environmental Educators and Naturalist Association, Vet Club, and the many other student organizations that helped REGI spread the word across campus to vote for REGI. No matter the outcome your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated! If you haven’t had a chance to vote yet click here.

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