Thursday, April 23, 2009

VOTE! Help REGI win a $25,000 Office Technology Makeover!

REGI was recently nominated for an Office Technology Make over put on by EO Johnson and WSAW Channel 7 news.

Go to this link to vote! Voting is from April 23 to May 5th.

How to Vote:
You must create a one day user name with EO Johnson to vote. This allows only 1 vote per email address. Once you create this log in to your email and cast your vote.

Why Vote?
This is an amazing opportunity for REGI! As you know everything we do is for the birds. This often puts other business necessities like office equipment at the bottom of the list. This makeover would allow REGI to receive a professional copy machine, printer, electronic filing system, and much more. A top of the line office printer would allow REGI to turn our annual newsletter into a quarterly newsletter! Plus cutting cost of having all of our printing done in house. The electronic filing system would allow all the medical information we collect on our birds to be organized data. Imagine with a click of a button being able to see what the top 3 injuries of all Bald Eagles emitted to REGI in the last 10 years is. We have all this important medical information on paper, in boxes but to to have that data in a computer system will make it more meaningful and easier to access. These are just a few example of how this makeover would help REGI. Please take the time to vote!

If you would like to see Channel 7's media coverage of REGI and the make over contest click on this link

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