Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Educator Team Makes the Paper, Red -breasted Nuthatches, Belted Kingfisher Updates.

Our education department made the news in the Wausau Daily Herald yesterday. The article beautifully captured the interaction of the public with the both the birds and the educators. Please click on this link to check out the article. It is great to see both the educators and the birds presented so well.

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Our education department has been busier than ever this summer. There are two tours a day on Tuesday and Wednesday and one Saturday a month as well as special tours for groups if requested. The tours are very popular and are filled to capacity most days. On days when they do not have tours at REGI they are traveling to other places with the birds for outreach programs. They are a busy team and do a great job.

We do have people that wonder why we have guided tours rather than just letting people come to look around for themselves. The truth is our federal permits do not allow the public to have contact with the birds undergoing rehabilitation unless they are non-releasable and will be used in an educational capacity in the future. There are many good reasons for that not the least of which is the birds that are here for treatment need to remain wild. The less they interact with people the better. When REGI is filled to capacity with patients, and we are very near that now, it is nearly impossible to keep the rehabilitation birds out of public view at least while we are working with them. Nicole our Director of Education and Steve our Education Coordinator conduct the tours . During those times the education birds are displayed on various natural perches so the public can not only see the birds but their habitat as well and even take some great photos. It is the best of all worlds.

( Photos: Natasha, Katie and Lance with the Red-breasted Nuthatches just before and as the birds were released. Look for the blue blur in the second photo as that is the nuthatch impatiently taking his freedom.:) )

We have had many new admits since I last wrote and several releases of birds back to the wild. The days go so fast here and then seem to blend together. We released our Red-breasted Nuthatches. They are such adorable sprites,tiny in size but huge in personality. They are also hyperactive with a capital H. It is hard to believe they were the size of a fingertip when they were admitted and now are adult size.

Our Belted Kingfisher chick that was picked up in a landfill by the trucker last month has reached adult size and beauty. I still remember when we picked her up having survived being dumped in a landfill. She was a pathetic little tyke but had a strong will to survive. Kingfishers are rarely raised successfully in captivity. and we are proud to have had good luck with the species in the past as well as this year.

( Photos; Belted Kingfisher when admitted and her progress though Monday 7-13-09.)

Katie had a birthday this week. Keeping with REGI tradition we had a little party for her during lunch. Mary Draeger, our wonderful volunteer that brings us lunch on Monday, ( Thank you Mary SO much) brought a great lunch for everyone. We wish you many more birthdays Katie and may you always have such terrific friends and great parties.:)

( Photos: Katie's birthday party with the REGI family and Katie with her colorful confetti cake.)

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