Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Future Animal Rehabilitator?

( Photo: Cassi Traggarth job shadowing with the Upward Bound program at REGI. She is shown with the Education Department during an off site presentation.)

Our youth are the most important people in the world of our wildlife. REGI is always excited to educate children about the wonderful world of raptors. After all, soon they will be the ones making management decisions about how to protect their habitats. That is why it is always exciting when we have an enthusiastic young adult come out to job shadow.

Cassi Traggarth came to REGI through the Upward Bound program. She is entering her senior year of high school and is exploring career options that relate to her interests. Cassi wants to be prepared as she narrows down her college list to what school will best fit her career goals best. She came to REGI interested in animal science, veterinary clinics, and education. Wildlife rehabilitation touches all of these areas on any given day. Cassi joined me in the morning on a trip down to Wausau for a summer school educational program as seen in the picture above.

( Photo: Cassi holds baby passerines. She found they are labor intensive patients that need to be fed every twenty minutes their first week of life.)

(Photo: Cassi helped the REGI team during feeding time.)

In the afternoon Cassi followed our rehabilitation staff around. She was able to see how much hard work it takes everyday just to feed, clean, and care for our many bird patients and residents.

She was able to ask questions about our work, quiz our staff about their education background, and experience a real work environment. Whatever path Cassi chooses for her future we hope her time here at REGI helped her to make a decision that will fit her interests and talents best.

Nicole Swanson

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