Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you Staff!! Home from California and it Snows!!

( Photo: Steve, Alberta and Nicole clown around in the snow this afternoon. Katie slipped down just as the photo was taken.)

I have been away for a week to attend the funeral of a beloved aunt. An amazing person, Betty was nearly 102 years of age when she passed away. She lead a a wonderful life, continued to live in her own home and lead an active life. It was fitting that her long and full life should continue to be well lived to the very last day. We will miss her very much. The memorial provided an opportunity to reconnect with relatives and friends we don't see often enough.

The funeral was in Southern California. We enjoyed the sun and warm weather for a few days, but were greeted on our return to Wisconsin with a snowstorm! I had to remind myself that it was not yet mid-October.

( Photo: REGI is appropriately decorated for fall, but this scarecrow looks more like a snowman today.

( Photo: REGI front yard was covered in snow on Oct 12, 2009)

In our absence the REGI staff was just terrific. Despite the reason for the days away, we were able to relax as we tended to family business without a worry about what was happening at home. That IS the definition of having great staff. Not only were the patients well cared for, but they managed to fill our freezers with 4000 lbs of salmon and get the newsletter finished, printed and mailed! We don't have a large staff but Nicole, Steve, Alberta and Katie along with Aprill and Lance were beyond great! Thanks everyone. You are appreciated so much.

Speaking of terrific staff, Alberta had a birthday on Monday. Since I was recovering from the flu, we had a small but non-the-less heartfelt birthday celebration for her.


We have admitted several cases during the past week. I will catch up on those as well as update others this week. We also have a visitor from the Oregon Aquarium this week that will be learning some handling techniques and then take two non-releasable Turkey Vultures back to Newport, Oregon with her on Friday. They will part of the new educational display at the the Oregon Aquarium. We have much to do!

Thanks again to everyone that pitched in during our absence.

Marge Gibson 2009

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