Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chequamegon Bird Club Trip to REGI, Downy Woodpecker Admitted

( Photo: Education Coordinator Steve Fisher, describes the special adaptations of a Barred Owl to the group. That is Malcolm, our ancient Barred Owl on Steve's glove. )

It seems like the REGI name should be changed to "Education R Us" these days. In "normal" years,we are unable to do programs on site in November due to the winter weather. Last year at this time we were looking at below zero F. temperatures. This year we had snow in October, but November has been downright balmy. ( We think anything above 32 degrees F. is balmy in Northern WI. ) Recently we were able to do an on site program for a favorite group, the Chequamegon Bird Club. The bird club members made the long drive from Medford, WI to REGI see the program. Afterwards, they continued on their way to the famous Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and the Birds In Art Show in Wausau. They also took time to do some birding on the way. It was an all bird kind of day for them.

It is a bit like "preaching to the choir" when we do programs for bird clubs. There is nothing quite so bonding as a shared passion. The members get to see many species up close and personal that they sometimes only "hear", or catch as a fleeting glance in the wild.

Below I will share some of the photos of the day with the Chequamegon Bird Club visit.

( Photos: Education Coordinator Steve Fisher, leads the tour as Wildlife Rehabilitator, Katie Farvour handles our education birds including a Great-horned Owl and Saw-whet Owl for folks to see and photograph.)

( Photo: Steve explains why the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal is the world to the group.)

( Photo: Steve describes the Golden Eagle to the bird club members as Avian Technician, Lance Holm, holds our education Golden Eagle for an up close and personal view.)

A beautiful Downy Woodpecker was admitted last night. He has a broken wing, but is otherwise in good body weight. He should do well in care. We hope for a full recovery. With a little luck, he will be released either this winter or in early spring. Many thanks to the Bennett family of Wausau not only for rescuing the little guy, but transporting him to REGI in the evening.

The Downy Woodpecker is a tiny woodpecker, but has personality plus. Nothing much phases these little ones. This new patient was in care for all of two minutes when he ate a wax worm from my fingers. Many thanks to Jada Baits of Antigo for supplying us with a constant source of wax worms for our patients. Live worms are so expensive to buy. Jada Baits generosity has allowed us to continue our work with passerines and other insect eating birds.

( Photo: A male Downy Woodpecker was admitted last night. He has a wing fracture but is otherwise in good condition. Note the yummy wax worms in the bottom of the box.)

We wish safe travels to those that are on the road or traveling in some way on this day before Thanksgiving.

Best to all,
Marge Gibson ©2009

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