Monday, November 30, 2009

Lead Poisoned Bald Eagle Update, Peregrine has Surgery

( Photo: Three year old Bald Eagle admitted last night can now stand, but holding her head up is hard. She is still in very critical condition.)

I have a few quick notes tonight to update our blog followers on the condition of the Bald Eagle admitted yesterday with lead poisoning.

The eagle has improved. She is no longer convulsing. That is a huge relief. Her blood lead level is still off the chart. It is nearly midnight as I write this. I left her a few minutes ago. I did a final tube feeding, gave her medications and tucked her in for the night. One concern I have is she is so weak and remains disoriented. She does not seem to have the strong "will" I am used to seeing in Bald Eagle patients. I hope she is just tired and aspergillosis has not already taken a toll on her body. Time will tell if that is the case. She weighs only 6 lbs 1 oz. A female Bald Eagle should weight between 11 and 14 lbs in our region. Starvation is part of lead poisoning. The birds are unable to eat as their digestive system shuts down.

( Photo: The Bald Eagle is still very weak. She sleeps most of the time and chooses to sleep on over a heating pad. The heat supports her natural body temperature which is compromised in such a critically ill bird. )

( Photo: This photo was taken about 10 minutes ago. She is resting for the night. The convulsions ceased as of early this morning. Now we just hope all goes well thought the night.)

( Photo:Katie holds the Peregrine Falcon as he wakes from anesthesia. Dr Powani did a great job as always.

A young Peregrine Falcon had surgery today on his eyelid. He came out of anesthesia well and is happily eating a gopher tonight. More on him tomorrow.

Off to bed now. Keep our beautiful eagle in your thoughts tonight.

Marge Gibson ©2009

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