Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring 2010 Newsletter Madness

( Photo: That's me, Marge Gibson, Executive Director, in my usual pose. I spend hours every day at the computer while listening to my "Music to Inspire Positive Thinking" CD. Notice the sticky notes all over my desk and computer screen to remind me to call "you".)

Our newsletter arrives in the mailboxes of many of our supporters four times a year. What does it take to get a newsletter out here at REGI? LONG before it ever gets to newsletter stage, we are feverishly working on the copy to make it the best we can for our supporters. We listen to what you want to see, and that is usually photos of our patients. But, if you have some ideas and don't see them on our pages, give us a call or email your ideas for future editions.

( Photo: Environmental Education Coordinator Molly McKay, working on the final stages of the spring 2010 newsletter in the education office.)

( Photo: Education Director Steve Fisher had a long career as a high school English teacher. Now retired, we are delighted he joined the REGI team several years ago. Steve is the reason the newsletter is perfectly edited. What would we do without him? )

( Photo: Thanks to the E.O. Johnson Office Make-over we won in May of 2009 , we print our newsletters in house! Part of that prize was this incredible copy machine that is so smart it almost has to have its own social security number! THANKS E.O. Johnson!! )

( Photo: REGI staff Katie, Molly and Alberta with volunteers Amber Brunette and Gene Popp hard at work folding and preparing newsletters for mailing.)

( Photo: REGI crew, Molly and Alberta with volunteers Nicole Halbesleben (front)and Gene Popp, folding and stamping the Spring 2010 newsletter.)

( Photo: Gene Popp and Molly organizing newsletters according to zip code for mailing. )

( Photo: Katie, Molly and Alberta carry boxes of newsletters to the van for delivery to the post office.)

Thanks to my great staff and volunteers who make the newsletter happen. And thanks to you all of you reading our blog for your interest in REGI and wildlife. :) You can see it by clicking on REGI Spring Newsletter.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Marge Gibson © 2010

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