Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saw-whet Owl and Ruffed Grouse Released Today, Tundra Swans on their Way North

There are not many things cuter than a Saw-whet Owl. They weigh just about 80-100 grams and are pure owl. The small stature is a poor indicator of the strong personality of this diminutive owl. Can you belive this tyke can eat up to two mice a night! He was released this evening in perfect health after his harrowing experience a few weeks ago. See the photos below for his story.

( Photo: This Saw-whet Owl was admitted after being hit by a car near Wausau. He was lucky someone saw him on the median, rescued him and got him to REGI for care. He looked a lot better today than in the photo below taken when he was admitted.)

( Photo: This photo taken the March 16, the day the Saw-whet Owl was admitted with an eye and internal injuries. )

( Photo: Alberta, Katie and Molly spend a minute getting photos and biding the Saw-whet Owl adieu before he is released to continue his migration.)

( Photo: The Saw-whet Owl flew to a tree in the middle of the woods and quickly disappeared thanks to his cryptic coloration. Can you see him? Hint, look at the largest tree and move your eye to the left.)

( Photo: Katie Farvour releases a male Ruffed Grouse that went through a window a few weeks ago. We hope he pays better attention to where he is going in the future. Breeding season can be hard on birds since their mind may be on things other than survival.)

( Photo: The beautiful Tundra Swans are migrating through Langlade County on their way to the tundra to nest. They have a long trip ahead of them. )

Migration is an amazing thing. Spring migration is extra exciting. It brings with it many birds that nest in our area. It is thrilling when a bird that nested on our property shows up the following spring. That happened today at REGI. Today the Eastern Phoebes returned to our deck. Yea! They are such bright and energetic birds. they also eat tons of mosquitoes and other insects.

Have a great tomorrow everyone.

Marge Gibson 2010

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