Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Foster Fathers Working Hard at REGI

Happy Fathers Day! We hope you have all had a wonderful day and were able to spend time with the special person in your life who wears the title of "father", "dad", "pops", or whatever special term you have for your father. Fathers are very important to our lives, but did you know they play a huge role in the avian world as well?

( Photo: Malcolm,REGI's Barred Owl, works hard both as an education bird during most of the year and for a few months a year as a foster father to orphaned Barred Owlets. In this photo Malcolm is seen with the Barred Owl owlets recently. See photo below to see the scene the day he was introduced to the owlets.)

( Photo:In this photo the Barred Owl owlets are very young. It is the day they were introduced to Malcolm.)

People are often surprised when they hear many of our foster parents are MALES. Male raptors and several other avian species are great parents. They nurture, preen, and care for the young every bit as well as the female does.

( Photo: Our foster father Bald Eagle with a orphaned Bald Eagle eaglet in 2009. We usually get Bald Eagle chicks in late June or early July. He will likely be busy again this year.)

(Photo: Foster Dad "Frenchie" takes his job seriously. He has 4 foster Canada Goose goslings this year. If you think he is not a great dad, just TRY getting past him to touch one of those goslings!)

( Photo: Foster parent Sandhill Crane ( sorry we are not sure of gender) takes great care of this young sandhill recovering from a broken leg.)

These are but a few of the amazing foster parent birds that help us through the summer months by raising orphaned babies. We can raise these chicks/youngsters, but never as well as they can be by their own species.

We hope your day was perfect!

Marge Gibson © 2010

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