Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crestwood Elementry School Visits Raptor Education Group, Inc.

End of the school year field trips are fun for everyone including staff at REGI. We are honored to be able to tour thousands of youngsters around the REGI compound each year. Here, they visit up-close and personal with our educational raptors, as well as talk about wildlife conservation ideas they can use for their future.

Today Crestwood Elementary School,located in Antigo, WI, came to visit.
This is Mrs Brokovec's Second Grade Class. They were an energetic group with lots of questions and good ideas. We all had a great time. The photos below tell the story.

( Photo: Education Coordinator Molly McKay explains the Peregrine Falcon to Mrs Borkovec's 2nd grade class. )

( Photo: Education Director Steve Fisher, with Tess, REGI's Bald Eagle. Tess impressed the class with her size and strength.)

( Photo: How many times in life can you have a ringside seat for a chat with a Bald Eagle? The kids enjoyed the opportunity and were perfect using their "wildlife manners".)

( Photo: Time to try some wings on for size!)

( Photo: Molly explains the special wildlife project the children were about to participate in. Hint: It involved a hammer and nails. )

( Photo: Intern Karrisa M. led one of the "teams" building an Eastern Bluebird house.)

( Photo: Getting some help with holding the nails.)

( Photo: Intern Katie R. has a great group of 2nd graders. They were all eager to help.)

( Photo: Karrisa's group is the first to finish! They did a fantastic job under her leadership!)

( Photo: Intern Robert P. has a group determined to do a perfect job!)

( Photo: Molly wants to make sure everyone knows how to be safe with that hammer.)

( Photo: Molly's group is finished in good style.)

( Photo: Robert's team is done, and there are the plans to prove they did a good job!)

( Photo: A little goofing around is always needed just to prove you are having fun! Note: Everyone signed their special bird houses.) )

(Photo: The end product. The Bluebird houses will be used for years to come on the REGI compound.)

( Photo: Time for some well deserved treats to top off the afternoon!)

( Photo: One last class photo on the "Wall of Wings" just as the rain begins to fall.)

( Photo: A few more quick chances at the wall before heading back to the bus.)

( Photo: The timing was perfect to get back on the bus bound for Crestwood School again. Just as the last child entered, the rain got serious.)

Thank you, everyone. It was fun to have you here at Raptor Education Group, Inc.. It is always exciting for us to be able to share our education birds and tips on living with nature with you.

We hope you have a wonderful summer. Come back to see us as Third Graders!

Marge Gibson © 2010

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