Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine "Love Birds" Fantasy Ball "Guest List"

We would like to thank the following wonderful guests for "Attending"
REGI's 1st annual Valentine "Love Birds" Fantasy Ball
and for donating to support avian rehabilitation and education.

Peter Allen
Kathy P. Belgea
Erik Bruhnke
Sally Browne and Chris Young
Mark Clintsman
Gwendolyn Cooley
Dr. Sylvia Dennison
Kathy and Jay Drobnik
Sue Fletcher
Sharon Grady
Virginia Grothe
Karl and Shirley Hackbarth
Peggy Heath
Connie Hegerfeld
Gary and Karen Hegranes
Todd and Linda Hendrickson
Bob Hogan and Sylvia Dennison
Jay-Mar, Inc.
L. A. Busse Inc.
John and Alice Jacobs
Georgette Jeziorski
Barbara Klug
Kretz Truck Brokerage, LLC
Martha Lofstrom
Jeanne M Lucht
Pat and Krissy Mohr
David and Polly Piehler
Linda Rollins
Scooter Software
Marsha Stanek
Dawn and Gary Stein
Chris Young
Bob and Peg Wolff
George and Estelle Wolff
and those kind supporters who chose to remain anonymous.

This list will be continually updated so if you donated and don't see your name it's because your kind donation hasn't reached our mail box yet. We will continue to add names as donations arrive.

We greatly appreciate everyone's support! We did not reach our goal, but being that this was our first attempt we will call it a success anyway! You're all the best!

Thank you!!!

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