Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winged Wonders in Rudolph and Vesper and Klondike Days this weekend!

Have you ever had such a great day that you feel like bursting with joy? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was my day today!
REGI's education department was invited to the Rudolph Elementary School and the Vesper Community Academy to do several programs about our "Winged Wonders." We absolutely LOVE doing programs, especially for children, and are always very lucky to have courteous and attentive crowds; the students of Rudolph and Vesper are no exception! Steve and I were extremely impressed with both schools, and it was an honor to meet each and every student and teacher. Needless to say, my heart is full after a long day of enriching young minds.

During the programs, I told the students to keep their eyes out for raptors in the future. Now that they've seen raptors up close and they know what to look for, I promised them that they would be able to spot raptors while going for walks or car rides. To prove that that is true, on our short journey back up North, Steve and I counted 7 raptors perched and flying along the road; five red-tailed hawks, a kestrel, and a rough-legged hawk in flight and swooping down to catch a rodent! Amazing! It was a great drive, I only wish the students would have still been with us to view such beauties in the wild.

The only bad part of the day was that I forgot to bring my camera to the programs; this is why the blog is sadly lacking photos. My apologies. Just imagine a smiley group of students, and that is what the photos would have looked like. ;)

If you would like to see some gorgeous raptors face-to-face, visit us this weekend at Klondike Days in Eagle River, WI!
The weather looks like it is going to be perfect so bring your camera, and an adventurer's spirit!

Photos above: Environmental Education Coordinator, Molly McKay with a Broad-winged Hawk, and Education Director, Steve Fisher with a Red-tailed Hawk at previous Klondike Days. Come and see these birds and more this weekend!

Klondike Days
Eagle River, WI

Klondike Days is a large family oriented event featuring turn of the century events. Come see REGI at our booth and meet some of our beautiful raptors.

1800 Pleasure Island Road Eagle River, WI 54521-8980
Date & Time:
March 5-6, 2011, 9:00am-4:00pm
More information at:

We hope to see you there!

Have a terrific weekend everyone! I know I certainly will :)

Karissa Mohr
REGI Wildlife Educator

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