Friday, October 7, 2011

Fish galore!

Yesterday we received a pickup-truck load of salmon to feed our eagle and osprey patients! The salmon came from the Strawberry Creek spawning facility near Sturgeon Bay in Door County, Wisconsin. When the salmon swim up Strawberry Creek for spawning, this facility collects Chinook Salmon eggs for stocking in Lake Michigan. After spawning, salmon naturally die, but instead of letting them go to waste, this facility saves the salmon for donating to food pantries, a liquid fertilizer company, and us! We are so thankful for these donations.

Rehabilitator, Alberta Halfmann, her fiance Chris, her niece April, and Assistant Rehabilitation Technician, Stacie Wild set off for Door County at the crack of dawn. Alberta selflessly used her truck to transport the less than pleasant smelling fish. Thank you Alberta!

Photo above: When they arrived back at REGI, we all jumped into action, putting the fish into huge storage bags to preserve them in the freezer. New staff-member, Brennan Rausch must be wondering what he got himself into!

Photo above: Volunteer, April looks like she is having a great time. Thanks for your help!

Photo above: Transporting and storing fish isn't very glamorous, but check out those awesome garbage bag pants! Alberta and Stacie look great! Could this be the next hot fashion trend? ;)

Photo above: Delicious life-saving fish for our dozens of Bald Eagle patients.

Photo above: Qushquluk is about to devour a yummy chunk of fresh salmon! Lucky lady!

We send a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Strawberry Creek for saving these fish for us. Our eagles will be eating very well!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! It's beautiful out there!

Karissa Mohr
Wildlife Educator

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