Monday, October 3, 2011

Releases and Thank You!

Hello Everyone! Fall is upon us, and I must say it is glorious!

Photo above: Elva, the little gray phase, Eastern Screech Owl is enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

This lovely weather is perfect for releasing more of our summer patients. The 9 American Kestrels, 3 Cedar Waxwings, and 3 of the American Robins that have been growing up here this summer have all been released!

Photo above: Rehabilitator, Katie Farvour, releases the 9 American Kestrels. The two most eager made it out first. Good luck, little buddies! (Photo courtesy of Katie Rymer)

Photo above: Director of Education, Molly McKay, got to release the robins! The first of the American Robins leaves their temporary transport box for their first taste of freedom! Live long and prosper, little ones!

After releasing the babies from the summer, we received a new baby as a patient! What were his parents thinking?!

Photo above: This Mourning Dove came in as an orphaned baby at the beginning of OCTOBER! His parent's didn't plan very well, but he is safe here and will grow up in good hands with the help of our foster Mourning Doves.

We also need to say thank you to a few wonderful people who helped us out this past week. The basement here at REGI was long over-due for a fresh coat of floor paint, and the Triple Progress 4H group and John and Joanne Starry volunteered their time to help us out. The timing was perfect as we didn't have any patients in the basement mews, so we could safely paint without worrying about the fumes harming the birds. A big THANK YOU to those folks who helped us finish this huge task!

It is also almost time for Have-a-Heart for REGI! Hunters, please save your deer and bear hearts this season! Drop-off locations will be available all over the area, and will be posted closer to gun deer season, but if you bow hunt, simply save your heart in a plastic bag and throw it in the freezer until drop-offs are available! Hearts are an excellent source of food for our raptor patients, and you can make a difference for them just by saving your hearts!

If you are cleaning out your freezers to make room for fresh meat, keep us in mind as we will happily take older meat! No pork please, but anything else is welcome! (715) 623-4015.

Thank you!

Karissa Mohr
Wildlife Educator

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