Friday, March 2, 2012

Saw-whet Owl, Snowstorm, and Updates

Hello everyone! We have another patient and more updates for you!

Photo above: Our newest patient is a lovely little male Saw-whet Owl. This little guy is very lucky he had a friend in the landowner that took this photo. She realized something wasn't quite right and called for help. He is suffering from starvation and pneumonia and would not have lasted much longer without help. If you find a bird that is puffy-looking and very quiet, it is sick and needs help. It is likely he had a mate nearby, but he will miss out on breeding season this year.

Photo above: After a night on a heating pad with emaciation diet in his belly, he's beginning to perk up quite a bit. He still has a long way to go, but we are glad he appears to be feeling better.

I'm sure many of you reading right now have survived the "Snowpocalypse 2012" which arrived Wednesday morning and dumped something like 13 inches of wet, heavy snow on us here in Antigo. When it finally stopped snowing, cleanup began.

Photo above: Licensed Rehabilitators, Katie Farvour and Alberta Halfmann, and Assistant Rehabilitator, Brennan Rausch try to dig paths through the huge piles of snow. The snow is above their knees!

Photo above: I think REGI looks just lovely under a layer of fresh snow; although, I think we could have done without the snowbanks up to my chest!

Photo above: Even the resident chickens get special paths to walk through. They aren't bothered by the snow one bit, and I think they get a kick out of watching the humans dig, plow, and blow through all the snow.

I'd like to update you on Eagle #019 who arrived earlier in the week. He was anxious to get out of his box in the clinic so he was moved to the flight building. He instantly flew to the highest perches. That is great news because when he was found he wasn't able to fly at all.

Photo above: Eagle #019 happily standing on the highest perch in the flight building.

Photo above: I snapped a photo of the Snowy Owl in her larger mew. She is still not eating on her own, but she is digesting solid food.

I'm pleased to say that everyone else is doing well!

Molly and I will be at Klondike Days in Eagle river tomorrow and Sunday! You can come visit us and meet our lovely birds. I have the van all packed up so all we have to do in the morning is gather our feathered educators and head out. We will be on the road before the rooster crows! Is that dedication or what ;)

Thanks everyone!

Karissa Mohr
Wildlife Educator

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