Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Birds of Antigo Need Your Vote!

Antigo City Farm and the Global Science Institute are teaming up to start a city wide tree planting program right in Antigo! This is a great opportunity for REGI's home town to win $5000 dollars to plant fruit bearing trees. These trees could provide a great food source and habitat for many local birds. REGI often releases many of our rehabilitated song birds in the local area and we are always excited when we can find suitable habitat near by. It helps us reduce our travel costs and time.

Plus the tree plantings would help Antigo become more environmentally friendly. The trees will help provide shade to local homes reducing the need to run air conditioners.

Click here to VOTE and for more information!
You can vote 3 times!

REGI loves to become involved in the local community. The Antigo community so often comes to help us we hope that our bird loving fans out there will help us help them with your vote!

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