Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bald Eagle Admitted Hit by Car, Update on Great-horned

( Photo: Carefully lifting the Bald Eagle from the transport box. We don't want to make a medical situation worse with aggressive handling when a patient presents after being hit by a car. )

This afternoon we received a call from Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Warden Will Miller. He had just picked up an adult Bald Eagle that had been hit by a car. We prepared for the patient's arrival in the clinic while Warden Miller rushed the eagle to REGI.

( Photo: The Bald Eagle is weighed on arrival to assure he was not underweight. Aprill puts the information in his medical records.)

The eagle had internal bleeding, so a minimum physical was done. We will put him on rest for about 12 hours to allow the bleeding to stop before we manipulate his body any further. There are many medical problems including fractures we can fix tomorrow, but first we have to have a living patient to work with.

I will check on him every few hours throughout the night to assure he continues to do well and does not need additional care.

( Photo: The Great-horned Owl trapped in the leg hold trap on Friday is a beautiful owl with long ear tufts and a gentle but serious demeanor. )

( Photo: The Great-horned Owl trapped in a leg hold trap on Friday has his leg soaked in very warm water to stimulate circulation to the foot. )

( Photo: The owl has a way to go for the foot to recover from the trapping injury, but it looks a lot better that a few days ago. )

( Photo: Aprill and Jen, both students at UWSP, worked the weekend. Here they are today cutting up meat to feed the birds... what else would they be doing? :) There is ALWAYS lots of meat to cut up for raptor dinners.)

Off for the night. Lots to do tomorrow. Have a good tomorrow everyone.

Marge Gibson © 2010

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