Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Patients Keep Coming In Including a lead Poisoned Bald Eagle, Northern Cardinal, House Finch and Barred Owls

( Photo: This adult female Bald Eagle came from the Tigerton area and has lead poisoning and serious additional complications as a result of the lead poisoning.)

I've been up much of the night with a very critical Bald Eagle suffering from lead poisoning. Forgive me if the blog lacks energy this morning.

In a week when we are releasing many recovered patients, we continue to admit others. Much of the weekend was spent doing exit physicals and driving to release the 3 Bald Eagles near Madison. However, 6 new patients came in as well on the weekend. As exciting as the releases are, we can never forget the new patients back at the clinic.

( Photo: This Northern Cardinal was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a dog grabbed him. Fortunately the dog's owner got the bird from the dog and brought it to REGI.)

House Finch conjunctivitis is a problem we see every winter. It is a contagious disease that affects a few species of small finches. Those that we see the most often are include Pine Siskins, Goldfinches and House Finches. The House Finch in the photos below is suffering with the condition. She has recovered, but we want to make sure she will not be contagious to other wild birds before she is released. We keep up with the most current data on the subject of wildlife disease. Some feel the disease continues to be contagious after it resolves in the original patient, others suggest it is not. We will evaluate the situation and the newest information before this bird is released to the wild. We never want to jeopardize the wild population.

( Photo: A House Finch with conjunctivitis was admitted from the Marshfield area. )

( Photo: The House Finch in a photo yesterday is looking much better and eating on her own. )

( Photo: This Barred Owl was hit by a car in Portage County.)

Barred Owls are some of the most beautiful of the owl family. With their large, deep brown eyes and gentle demeanor they are "easy patients". Sometimes it is nice, especially on more challenging days, to have an "easy patient" in the mix. I found myself smiling while caring for this Barred Owl last night even with the stress of the eagle overwhelming the night.

( Photo: Tube feeding the one of two Barred owls that came in, both hit by cars.)

There is so much to catch up on. I will do the next chapter on the eagle release soon I promise.

Have a peaceful day everyone.

Marge Gibson © 2010

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