Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates on Trapping Injured Eagles and Flu Overtakes Us

We have been hit with a round of cold and flu here at REGI including me. I thought we had escaped the viruses this year and then ... a sniffle started, then one employee after another went down like a wave.

I do have some great news and updated photos of some of the Bald Eagles that had trapping injuries. I will share those and hope tomorrow I have a little more stamina to write.

( Photo: The Bald Eagle we call "Trapper" continues to improve. You can see his foot ( L.) is still swollen and not 100% functional, but he has not lost any toes and is using the leg well.)

( Photo: Bald Eagle from the Town of Texas in Marathon County that was caught in a coyote trap. )

We are cautiously optimistic about both of these eagles, but recovery will be an extended period, as not only the tissue has to mend, but also blood routes reestablished in the affected legs and feet, as well as nerves that were severely damaged.

Sadly, we lost the lead-poisoned Bald Eagle a few nights ago. Lead wins another one. I wish the folks who think lead is not a problem in our environment could spend a few days with us at REGI.

( Photo: Adult Bald Eagle dying of lead poisoning. )

I am off to get some sleep and try to get over this monster virus that lurks.

Wash your hands everyone::). Stay well!

Marge Gibson © 2010

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