Friday, March 19, 2010

REGI Canada Geese Join Spring Migration, Ruffed Grouse Hits House, Spring Cleaning Continues

( Photo: Canada Geese raised at REGI last summer were flying at first light this morning.The photo is a bit dark, but it was very early a.m.)

It's great to see birds of any species, raised at REGI, join their own in the wild. We know the population of Canada Geese is strong in the State of Wisconsin. When orphans are admitted in the spring, however, they are just needy orphans and are treated the same as more rare species.

Orphans reared at REGI are not raised directly by humans, but instead by a foster parent of the same species. We are lucky to have a great foster father in Frenchie, our Richardson's Goose. He is non-releasable and has been with us for many years. He is an incredible dad, capable and SO protective. Any gosling Frenchie raises are definitely "HIS," and we all know it.

( Photo: Canada Goose foster dad with three goslings in early summer 2009 at REGI. The little ones are the same geese pictured in the first photo flying over the swan compound.)

It was a busy but wonderful day doing programs with former intern, Megan Hass Ackley (9 yrs ago) and great friend and volunteer, Bronnyn Bulgrin. It was even more special since the programs we did were for Megan's children's classes. I love when our former interns come back and are doing great things in their life. We are all so close by the time their internship ends, many become lifelong friends. Watching Megan's youngsters, and seeing bits of their mom, including her strong interest in wildlife, was incredible. Both Bronnyn and Megan are great educators. They had a chance to use education birds they'd used many years ago.

( Photo: Bronnyn with Gyrfalcon, Marge, Megan with Great-horned Owl Bumpy, and Megan's son, after a program near Wausau. Bumpy was Megan's favorite bird when she was an intern.)

( Photo: Marge demonstrates how far an owl can turn its head with Megan and her son.)

( Photo: Classes at Riverview Elementary, gathered in the library for the REGI program with Megan and Bronnyn and Megan's daughter.)

A male Ruffed Grouse crashed into the side of a house in Langlade County, knocking himself out. The homeowners went to investigate the loud sound. They found the grouse lying on the ground unconscious. The caring folks picked him up, called REGI, and brought him in this evening for care.

( Photo: This Ruffed Grouse crashed into the side of a house this evening. It is breeding time now. He was likely distracted.)

Our spring cleaning continued today. We are taking advantage of the mild temperatures to begin power-washing a winter's worth of "living" in the mews. Unfortunately, our power-washer broke after the photo below was taken. We need a new one.:(

( Photo: Spring cleaning with a power-washer is a good thing after a long winter.)

Have a great day everyone.

Marge Gibson © 2010

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