Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saw-whet Owls and Other Patients Pour Though the Door Today, Mild Temperatures

( Photo: A Saw-whet Owl shortly after being admitted after being hit by a car in Marathon County. He has a soft tissue injury around his right eye and internal injuries, but his prognosis is very good for a full recovery. )

We are back on-line today. I hope it is permanent, but living in a remote area that is a lot to ask for. Thanks everyone for your patience while we work to resolve our Internet connection problems.

The day hit with a bang today as several patients were admitted throughout the day. We can always tell what birds are migrating through WI, because those species began showing up at patients at REGI.

( Photo: Saw-whet Owl receives some liquid food and fluids after he was admitted.)

We had two Saw-whet Owl calls today with one admission. The little guys are often hit by cars as they move through the state and into their breeding territory. Some of the Saw-whets moving now are from Canada and will be nesting there shortly. It is great when the birds are banded with federal bands. In that way we can tell where they were banded and a little about them. For those that were banded in the nest we can learn even more about their life.

The Saw-whet Owl in the photos is from Marathon County. He was hit by a car but escaped serious injury. The man that found the little guy originally saw him early in the morning on a median strip of a busy highway. What a miracle it was when he saw him again, in the same place later in the afternoon and called REGI for advice.

The main advice was, " Get him off the HIGHWAY!" We are so grateful that this fine person was willing to do just that.

( Photo: Saw-whet Owl during his physical. He does not have any broken bones and should do well after a bit of cage rest.)

( Photo: Katie moves a Trumpeter Swan from winter quarters back to the Swan compound. )

It was a busy day in many regards. Steve, Molly and Evie were out of town this past weekend with many of our education birds doing a weekend program in Minnesota. The first day back means the birds are checked out for any travel fatigue and travel boxes are cleaned.

( Photo: Environmental Education Coordinator, Molly McKay cleans travel boxes that held our education birds during a trip to MN.)

( Photo: The plastic sheeting that served as a wind barrier during the winter on some of the outside enclosures, is coming down!)

Temperatures have been very mild this week. We could hardly believe it was in the 60's F. today. We realize the calendar says it is March. In Wisconsin that means we will have more snow and cold weather, but we WANT to assume Spring is on its way. We begin the long process of "de-winterizing" REGI today.

We are looking for volunteers that can help with spring cage repair, cleaning including power-washing. If you are interested please call Molly at 715-623-2563.
Have a great day everyone.

Marge Gibson © 2010

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