Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sandhill Crane Colt Improving, American Kestrel Chicks, Hairy Woodpecker and Rose-breasted Grosbeak Admitted

The Sandhill Crane colt admitted two day ago is doing great. It turns out its right leg was fractured. We put a very lightweight cast on the leg. In this way the young crane can heal and continue to exercise which is vital for crane colts.

( Photo: The Sandhill Crane colt adjusted better than we anticipated. The youngster seems not to even notice the odd thing on his leg. That is great news for everyone. )

( Photo: Sandhill Crane colt has a cast put on for a leg fracture. The unflappable colt was calm and relaxed throughout the procedure, much to our delight.)

( Photo: Lance Holm tube feeds the crane colt after the procedure while Intern Karrisa M. looks on. )

( Photo: Intern Jen R. exercises the Sandhill Crane colt in the 110' flight building hall. Crane colts grow very rapidly. If the youngster were not exercised often, its leg muscles would not grow properly. Within a very short time the young bird would not be able to stand or walk...ever. The colt is hard to see but it is on Jen's left.)

The prognosis for the Sandhill Crane colt is excellent. We hope to reunite it with its parents if that options seems the best in a few weeks. Meanwhile, he will be walked even with the cast about 2 miles per day at a minimum. Crane chicks make us a very fit crew! :)

( Photo: Intern Robert P. and I drove to Merrill to rescue four tiny American Kestrels . Their home was destroyed when a tree was cut down. )

Late yesterday we took a call from a landowner. She found four tiny American Kestrels on the ground after a dead tree was chopped down. Spring is not a great time to trim trees or limbs, since many animals rely on them for their homes.

American Kestrels are the smallest member of the falcon family. The little ones have internal injures now so are fed a pre-digested diet, but soon will be downing several mice each daily. The landowners will notice many more mice on their property this summer without the family of falcons, that is for sure.

( Photo: American Kestrel chicks are beautiful, covered with soft white down.)

( Photo: This young Hairy Woodpecker was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a dog found him. He sustained some serious injuries but gratefully was found and is recovering.)

( Photo: A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was admitted this afternoon. He was likely hit by a car. Intern Jen R. looks on. His prognosis is good.)

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We will be releasing a rehabilitated adult Bald Eagle in celebration of our troops and with the LeRoyer Hospice Program. The eagle release will be at the REGI compound after the memorial celebration at the LeRoyer Memory Walkway behind Antigo Memorial Hospital. We hope many of you can come and see our magnificent Bald Eagle go back to the wild and help us honor our loved ones and those that have given their lives for our country. We expect the release will be @2:30 p.m.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Marge Gibson © 2010

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