Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Wishes, Snowstorm

( Photo: Two of our four grandchildren in a photo taken Christmas Eve, were patiently waiting for Christmas to arrive.)

The holidays are a special time. If we are lucky they are spent with friends and family. No matter what your beliefs, the time from late November through the end of December is a time when we contact old friends, give to others and keep charity and love in our hearts. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

( Photo: It is definitely a white Christmas at REGI.)

We went to bed last night with howling winds and predictions of a blizzard. Travel advisories were in place. I suspect the travel plans of many were put on hold as weather took over center stage. REGI is covered in snow and ice. It is definitely a white Christmas for us.

( Photo: Don braving the weather and ice covered snow to feed birds this morning.)

It is beautiful, but since our staff is off on most holidays, we are here caring for the patients. It is especially important to make sure all is well with birds in our care when the weather is tenuous.

Often when people gather and the weather is nasty, we admit more patients than ever. I think it is a combination of people feeling more charitable during the holiday season. If an injured bird is found people tend to want to get it help more than any other time of the year. We can count of having calls on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New years Eve and New Years Day.

The phone is ringing as I write this blog. Our day will be a busy one. We hope you enjoy the wonders of the season. Stay safe if traveling and check in with us tomorrow for a good news story about some former patients.

Wishing you the best,
Marge Gibson © 2009

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