Monday, December 7, 2009

Pelican Comes in For the Winter, Sandhill Crane Admitted

( Photo: Our White Pelican, "Peli" was not happy being caught this morning, but feels better in the heated mews this evening.)
It was a busy day here as we prepare for the worst snowstorm of the season. Sometimes I long for the "good old days" when we were caught off guard with these storms. It seemed more "honest" back then.

Our education White Pelican was still out in the pond area this morning. Pelicans do spend the winter in some very cold places but it is not the best habitat for them. "Peli" was giving Katie some sorrowful looks and conned his way into the heated mews. The photo is of me carrying him. That beak is as hilarious as is he. He complained the entire way to the heated facility and then seemed almost embarrassed at his distress when he found it felt like Florida inside. Plus, his old pal the cormorant was already in the enclosure waiting for him. They had a great time catching up on things and eating fish this afternoon.

A beautiful adult Sandhill Crane was hit by a car near Spencer, WI this afternoon. A very kind motorist stopped and got her off the road and then called the Marathon County Sheriffs Department to alert us to the problem. The Sheriffs Department called us at REGI, but it was getting dark and Spencer is a 2 hour plus drive from Antigo. It would be dark before we arrived even if we left immediately. A few minutes later the person that found the bird called back. I was able to talk with him and tell him of our plight with getting transport. He wrapped the critically injured crane in a jacket and then transported her to Wausau where I met him at the Shopko parking lot.

( Photo: This Sandhill Crane was crumpled when she arrived at REGI. Her wing was not only broken but turned upside down. )

( Photo: The wing was set at REGI when the crane arrived. She is still critical but in much better condition than when she arrived. )

( Photo: This evening the Sandhill Crane is resting more comfortably. She has a broken wing and scraped up legs, but they are not broken.)

We thank the heroic rescuer for not only helping this crane off the road, but transporting her to Wausau so I could pick her up and bring her into care at REGI. She is still in critical condition, but is warm and comfortable and that is a start. Without the compassion of her rescuer she would have certainly died in a cruel way.

We are still feverishly working on the newsletter and hope to have it finished by the end of Wednesday.

Have a great tomorrow.
Marge Gibson 2009

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