Friday, December 18, 2009

Loon Heads South, Bald Eagle Update

( Photo: REGI staff says goodbye to the Duck Lake Common loon as he heads south. Good bye Duckie. We hope you are able to come back to Duck Lake next year. Your friends at Duck Lake will be waiting for you. )

What a fine morning it is. The weather looks good and our Duck Lake loon will be on his way south in a few minutes. We are now packing up his food, and other essentials for the trip and he will be on his way. Hilger Baits is bagging some large sucker minnows for him that will stay alive for 24 hrs. He will have them for supper this evening in the tub of some motel:) and then in the morning again before his trip continues to the Gulf of Mexico.

( Photo: "Duckie" in his travel container, leaving town.)

( Video: The Duck Lake Common Loon "Duckie" gets breakfast before he leaves headed south.)

The Bald Eagle from the Town of Hewitt has a rough day yesterday, but as of last night is beginning to show improvement. We have learned he may have had another toxin in the mix of things as well. He may have eaten mice or squirrels that were poisoned with antifreeze and then thrown outside. People often do not realize that whatever eats those cast off dead critters also gets poisoned by the same thing that killed the mouse or rat. It is a complicated domino effect and secondary poisoning. The eagle is still under treatment for Lead poisoning as well as the fractured leg and toes from the leg hold trap. He has had the dictionary description of a " REALLY bad week."

( Photo: Hewitt Bald Eagle is improving after a rough day yesterday.)
The week continues to be busy with colder weather coming in. It was -25 degrees F. wind chill last night. B urr..

We will update you when we hear about Duckie and his odyssey south.
Marge Gibson 2009

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